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HUNG DAT wood box

With real working experience, Hung Dat is the best packing supplier now in Vietnam. We have best workers who are professional making us confident to handle every enquiry and order of packing with best speed and price.
A.    Wood box packing service
1Wood box:
– Paking eletronics, china, fragile, luxury goods.
– Machinery, OOG cargoes.
– Wood box paking.
2. Wood pallet
There are many kinds of pallet. Some customer feedback to us and wonder why there are different prices of pallet. Let’s find out with us.
* Base on the weight of wood pallet:
Wood pallet is devided into 2 types:
- Heavy weight bearing pallet: pallet using apitong, Faux Acajen, seringa, acacia, …
-Medium weight bearing pallet: pallet using acacia, garden rustic wood.
* Base on the function of wood pallet, it can be devided as below:

     -  Two way wood pallet
allet gỗ 2 chiều
-  Four way wood pallet
allet 4 chiều

-  1 side wood pallet
- 2 side wood pallet
* Base on the surface treatment of wood pallet, it can be devided into;
- Well treatment on 3 sides of timer
- Rustic pllet

 3. Machines, goods packing
óng gói thiết bị
Hung Dat packing has:
  • Well trained worker team
  • Well treated wood material which are imported from, Australia ... qualified for export
  • Well equiped with tools, material for packing
  • Maximizing the cost saving for customer.
4. OOG packing
óng gói hàng siêu trường
- When loading for roadway or riverway, the caroges with more than 20tons weight are considered overweighted.
- When loading for roadway the caroges with more than 12m long, or 2.5m wide or 2.7m high are considered oversized
- When loading for riverway the caroges with more than 12m long, or 4m wide or 3.5m high are considered oversized.
5. Fragile goods packing
óng gói đồ dễ vỡ
6.  Dunaging and lashing cargoes
hằng buộc hàng hoá
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